Centennial Park

View of San Diego from Centennial park

Before this spot became Centennial Park it was a major hub for the ferry. The ferry was widely used as primary transport before the bridge was built.

Historic Ferry Ticket Booth

The ticket booth still stands today and has a plaque outlining some of the history

Ticket Booth Plaque

There is a small flower Garden next to the ticket booth.

Ticket Booth Garden

The park also features some plaques with information behind what Coronado is known as the birthplace of aviation.

Birthplace of Naval Aviation Plaque

From Centennial park you can see the ferry pier that is in use today.

View of ferry pier
View towards inland from centennial park

There are some really nice areas with benches along Centennial Park’s long path from the street to the water

Small gazebo

Just to the side of Centennial Park there is a path you can walk along a small beach. This is a lesser visited part of the area and a nice peaceful escape.

Bay Beach access
View of San Diego from bay beach

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