Coronado Beach

North Beach

Starting from the Northwest part of Coronado Beach. You will find Sunset Park. A well maintained grass field. The field is nice and level and gets used for many different sports. Dogs are not allowed in Sunset Park or the main beach directly across the street. However, there is an exclusive dog beach at the most western point right next to the Navy Base.

sunset park 1

View of Sunset Park facing the military base above. 180 degree video of Sunset Park below. A very nice place to exercise or play sports.

sunset park 2

Looking at the beach from Sunset Park

Dog Beach

Dog Beach Access

There is a section of beach for dogs that backs up to the military base. It is nice how the beach designates a special area for dogs. The photo shows the long walkway access to the beach. There is a water fountain and shower station nearby.

Main Entrance to North Beach

north beach entrance

On the other side of Sunset Part there is a shower station and restrooms. Then a nice path leading towards the ocean.

north beach 2

Hotel Del can be seen off in the distance at the other end of the beach.

north beach 3

You can see Point Loma in the distance.

north beach 4

View of lifeguard tower from standing on the walkway path inside the beach.

fire pits at north beach

There are fire pits available. These are very popular on the weekends. People stake them out early.

plane landing

The landing strip for the naval base is just on the other side of the beach. Planes routinely approach from overhead on the beach. It is a trip the first couple of times you experience it. If a jet plan goes over cover your ears they are Loud!

north beach 6

360 degree view from just inside the North Beach entrance

View looking South down Coronado Beach.

rocks street view of beach

Large rocks line the street from the beach. This helps separate the beach from street traffic, while also limiting access points on and off by foot as well.

sand dunes

Heading South along the beach there is a nice elevated bench to stop at. Photo is taken standing above the bench. There is access from Ocean boulevard to this bench and you can access the beach from here. The path is a little more rugged than the other access points.

Central Beach

Central Beach features restrooms, water fountain, shower, volleyball courts and the lifeguard tower. It has ramp and stair access. The path runs very close to the ocean. Closer than at North Beach. They have a mobility chair that can float that available for use.

central beach path

Photo of entrance path to Central Beach from Ocean boulevard.

central beach volleyball courts

There are 3 volleyball courts near the restroom and showers.

central beach lifeguard tower

The lifeguard tower. They publish water and surf conditions on the whiteboard in front of the building. This is very useful information. The mobility chair can be seen at the bottom left of the photo.

central beach path 2

The path leading right up to the ocean at Central Beach.

central beach ocean

This photo is taken standing on the path to get an idea of just how close you can get to the water without touching any sand.

central beach looking at hotel del

The Hotel Del Coronado can easily be seen from Central Beach now.

South Coronado Beach / Hotel Del Beach

View of dunes next to Del

View from street corner of Ocean and Hotel Del looking back towards Central Beach.

Beach in front of hotel del

View of beach in front of the Hotel Del.

Sand Castles!

Hotel Del Colored Umbrellas

Hotel Del Umbrellas.

hotel del view from boardwalk

View of Hotel Del from the boardwalk.

Hotel Del Casitas

Hotel Del private residences along the boardwalk.

Coronado Shores

As you continue down the beach past the Hotel Del you will approach the Coronado Shores housing development. There are several high rise Condos.

Coronado Shores Building

View from base of one of the buildings. I imagine the view is pretty impressive on the higher floors.

Coronado Shores Boardwalk

View looking back towards the Hotel Del from the boardwalk.

End of the line military cones

End of the line. There is a military guard tower just to the side of these cones. The Marine Military base occupies this section of the beach.

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