Julian City Plaque

We took a short day trip to Julian. It was in the middle of January and the weather had been warm for the past few weeks in the San Diego area. I know accessing Julian can require chains, so I thought this would be a good time to go.

The drive was pretty straightforward, but does get a little windy as you approach. Be sure to stop at the Vista point a few miles out from the city. I believe it is looking out on Anza Borrego State Park.

View pulloff from road overlooking Borrego Springs Park

We were there on a holiday weekend and there were many people walking the main street. Parking was a challenge. Despite there being a generous amount of street parking in the surrounding neighborhoods it was mostly full. The city operates two public parking lots, one on each end of the street if you have trouble finding a free spot.

Grocery store in Julian

One of the most memorable things to me was how many places sell pie. Despite having so many different stores to purchase from it seemed there were long lines at all of them.

The shops and restaurants had charm to them and everyone seemed to be having a good time that was visiting.

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