Star Park Circle Coronado

Star Park is a park in Coronado, California. It was designed in 1886 and its name came from having a Star shaped flower garden with a fountain in the middle. The fountain and garden have been removed, but each point of the star still points to the streets around the park. The park is circular and there are five streets that connect from it.

Star Park Flagpole

At the point of each star there is an emblem for the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, and The Coast Guard.

Star Park Flagpole star closeup
Star Park Military emblems

There are two guns that were donated to the city for the park.

Star Park Gun
Star Park Gun

The Rock featured near the Flagpole serves to commemorate the Memorial and was taken from Ocean Boulevard, which can be seen from one of the five streets.

Star Park Rock
Star Park Street leading to ocean
Star Park "Freedom is not free"

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